Spring Time Events in Charlottesville, VA

Guest Post by Chase Team Member – Lauri Powell

Spring time in Charlottesville is a beautiful sight with the redbuds, dogwoods, azaleas and a host of other trees, shrubs and flowers blooming. As you drive through the Charlottesville area along the farms and estate properties you are amazed at the colors that abound. To celebrate this explosion of color we have a Dogwood Festival.

Popularity of Dogwood Festivals

When I Goggled “Dogwood Festival” to get some history for this post, I was surprised to find on the first page dogwood festivals in Atlanta, GA; Fayetteville, NC; Winchester, VA: Orleans, Indiana; Farmville, NC; Tyler County, TX; Knoxville, TN and that was just on the first page!

History of the Charlottesville Dogwood Festival

But I digress, back to Charlottesville. The Dogwood Festival is held in mid April lasting nearly 2 weeks. It began in 1950 as the Apple Harvest Festival and became the Dogwood Festival in April of 1958. This year’s Festival was touted at the 59th Annual Dogwood Festival, and included amusement rides, barbeques, fireworks, beauty pageant, parade, and a host of other activities.

The Food & Fun of the Dogwood Festival

Of the many activities held, some of the most popular are the amusement rides and the pork and chicken barbeques held at McIntire Park, which is located along the Rt. 250 Bypass in the City of Charlottesville. One night there will be pork barbeque and another night will be the chicken barbeque dinner. You need to get there early as the food runs out quickly. As you can imagine, these are very popular and the food is always delicious!

Fireworks & Golf

Generally the fireworks begin the Festival as they are held in celebration of Thomas Jefferson’s birthday, which is April 13. They are not necessarily held on that date, but as close to it as possible. There are many other activities including the Dogwood Festival/Pepsi ProAm Golf Tournament held at Meadowcreek Golf Course; a fashion show held at Fashion Square Mall; and a breakfast held at the local Elk’s Club.

Charlottesville Celebrates “Community”

There are also community based activities such as the “Celebration of the Community” sponsored by the Charlottesville Chamber of Commerce which is a gathering of all the non-profit community resources in the area to show who’s out there and how citizens can help support our community. There is the rededication of the Vietnam War Memorial at McIntire Park. There is also a track meet held at University of Virginia which used to be the largest on the East coast, now it attracts 1600+ athletes from 100+ schools, that is still pretty large.

Charlottesville School System Sponsored Events

There are also some non-public events for underprivileged children with special needs from the City of Charlottesville school system and children from Head Start programs in the surrounding counties sponsored by local businesses. These events provide free rides at the carnival, pizza, Pepsi and t-shirts for these special children.

The All-American Way – Parades, Pageants and Races!

No festival would be complete without a beauty pageant. The surrounding counties send their prettiest young ladies (winners of their local beauty pageants) to compete to be “Miss Dogwood”. Nor would any festival be complete without a parade. This parade in downtown Charlottesville takes place on the last day of the Dogwood Festival. Incidentally, this is also the same day as the Foxfield Races, which I talked about last time.

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Your Comments/Questions?

Did you attend the Dogwood Festival? Tell us your favorite event during the 2-week Dogwood Festival.


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