Picking a Fight with Fellow VAR Real Estate Bloggers

Okay, So I’m not looking to actually pick a fight with other real estate bloggers but, I have entered my Charlottesville Real Estate Blog in the Virginia Real Estate Blog Brawl 2.0 sponsored by Virginia Association of REALTORS and the VAR Buzz Blog.

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!!!

Accepting the VAR Buzz challenge, we are taking off the gloves and jumping into the fray! After all, the first rule of the Blog Brawl is that there are no rules. Will we resort to blatant bribery for votes? Of course we will!

So What Enticing Swag Will We Use to Bribe You?

We have asked David Letterman of CBS Late Night fame to offer our Top Ten Bribes for the Virginia Real Estate Blog Brawl 2.0. Dave take it away….

10. For all the “cat bloggers” (AKA Linda Davis-self proclaimed cat blogger), a year’s supply of Kitty Litter so you can continue to write your post about your %#*@ cat!

9. Calling all fans of the Phoenix Real Estate Guy! Vote for my blog and receive a FREE Phoenix Real Estate Guy T-Shirt!

8. Benn Rosales of Agent Genius has agree to allow you to take home his Inman Innovator Award for a day…. ala The Stanley Cup. Just don’t do the things those nasty hockey players have done to the coveted Stanley Cup!

7. Compliments of Dustin Luther – a free ride on a Segway. Helmet not included. Added bonus, Social Media Guru – Rudy Bachteray with Trulia has agreed to provide his video production services to capture the event! Let’s hope Dustin can actually stay on the Segway this time.

6. Free night in the $22Million Apogee Penthouse on SOFI compliments Mr. South Beach AKA Kevin Tomlinson. Can you say saweet!

5. St. Paul real estate blogger T. Boardman has offered to give personal photo lessons for a vote for this blog! Say cheese!

4. Complimentary night on the Queen Mary provided by Laurie Manny Long Beach real estate queen! If Laurie is not available, The Long Beach Red Wagon Team Guy Jay Valento will take care of you.

3. Brad Andersohn of Active Rain has agreed to provide a year’s supply of free guitar lessons for your vote! Special note, as an added bonus, Brad will also throw in a Home Shopping Network gift card for a classic acoustic guitar made by Esteban!

2. A year of Free haircuts provided by Jeff Turner of the Real Estate Shows. Note to Jeff, when you cut my friend’s hair, please don’t scalp them!

1. Nik-Nik of MyTechOpinion.com fame will pose in front of your ride in similar fashion to her RE Blog World cameo appearance!

Thanks to the guys at Dakno for helping me find all this dirt on the various bloggers of RE.net.

Disclaimer: The bribery gifts mentioned above are subject to terms and conditions. In other words, first we have to get the people mentioned above to actually agree to these items. All gifts, prizes and bribes are purely speculative. I know – minor detail. But in the mean time, please vote for the Charlottesville real estate blog!

9 thoughts on “Picking a Fight with Fellow VAR Real Estate Bloggers

  1. Brian, those are some pretty great prizes… I mean bribes. Since I’m competing against myself in this round, I’m not too worried, but as the competition moves on, I may have to find some bribes of my own to offer.

  2. Brian, Jay, NikNik, Linda: Thanks for (in)voluntarily helping me poke fun (and kick butt) in the Virginia Real Estate Blog Brawl 2.0. And, thanks for your vote – you did vote (for me) right!

  3. I have to believe this is one of the smartest ways to ensure you get at least 10 votes. And with the number of likely voters/votes, 10 may be enough to win.

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