VAR Blog Brawl Round 2 – Vote for the Kids!

In my previous post, I resorted to “bribes” to advance to round #2 of the Virginia Blog Brawl hosted by the Virginia Association of Realtors. The good news is that it worked. We made it to round #2! So I want to say thanks to all for casting your vote for my Charlottesville Real Estate Blog! But the fun isn’t over. In fact, yesterday we started to brainstorm our next strategy. I thought to myself, it’s amazing how lucky I am that one of my biggest concerns is how to make it to the next round of this blog contest. With the holiday’s right around the corner, many families are not so lucky. Their concerns center around having enough money for Thanksgiving dinner or being able to buy a toy for their little one this holiday season. Suddenly, it hit me. Why not use this blog contest as a way to give back.

Voting for Kids

Like last round, I still intend to “bribe” you for your votes. No longer will I dangle bogus free stays at posh penthouses or complimentary haircuts and guitar lessons. The stakes have been raised. Instead, I plan to donate $1 to Toys for Tots for each vote that I receive. Simply vote using the form below and then leave a comment on this blog to let me know you voted. Your vote for this blog campaign will help those less fortunate enjoy a brighter holiday season.

Time is Running Out!

Make your VAR Blog Brawl vote truly count! Cast your vote for the Charlottesville Real Estate Blog today! For your convenience we have included the VAR Buzz Blog vote form below. Feel free to help spread the word and let others know that they can participate and help make a difference with a few simple clicks. Remember, Every vote gives the Toys for Tots organization another dollar (up to a maximum of $200).
Thanks for your help!

Note: The form below requires that you place a vote for each “zone.” So be sure to vote for Charlottesville Real Estate Blog (Brian Chase) in ZONE 2, and your other favorite blogs in the other zones.

11 thoughts on “VAR Blog Brawl Round 2 – Vote for the Kids!

  1. Brian- Saw about this on Brad’s AR blog and loved the idea. You got my vote. I hope you get to your max! Happy Holidays:-) (can it really be that time of year already!)

  2. Many thanks for all your votes and for helping raise money for Toys for Tots! If you missed out on voting in this round, round three is right around the corner!

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