Archives: November 2008

Why We Ate Turkey for Thanksgiving

Because the media said so, that’s why.  Again it all started back with the Pilgrims in 1621 and some guy by the name of William Bradford wrote “History of Plymouth Plantation” and said that turkey was served.  By the way, he wrote that piece 22 or so years after the fact. Well, of course, turkey […]

VAR Blog Brawl Round 2 – Vote for the Kids!

In my previous post, I resorted to “bribes” to advance to round #2 of the Virginia Blog Brawl hosted by the Virginia Association of Realtors. The good news is that it worked. We made it to round #2! So I want to say thanks to all for casting your vote for my Charlottesville Real Estate […]

Picking a Fight with Fellow VAR Real Estate Bloggers

Okay, So I’m not looking to actually pick a fight with other real estate bloggers but, I have entered my Charlottesville Real Estate Blog in the Virginia Real Estate Blog Brawl 2.0 sponsored by Virginia Association of REALTORS and the VAR Buzz Blog. Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!!! Accepting the VAR Buzz challenge, we are taking […]