Archives: January 2012

Charlottesville Housing Recovery Starts Here

Were you denied a mortgage and/or put through the ringer as a potential borrower?  The drag on the housing recovery as a result of the uncertainty and insanity of current mortgage underwriting cannot be overstated.  If the current administration wanted to do one thing to jump start the housing recovery (and by extension the US […]

PMI Premiums No Longer Deductible

Starting this year, homeowners can no longer write off their private mortgage insurance (PMI) premiums like they have for the past several years.  Some type of mortgage insurance is required when a home buyer uses less than a 20% down payment.  Mortgage insurance for conventional mortgage loans can be paid two different ways.  It can […]

Funding the Payroll Tax Cut with Home Loans

A change that just started in the past week is an increase in the cost for conventional financing to pay for the temporary extension of the payroll tax cut that was enacted just before Christmas.  This new fee is supposed to go into effect on April 1 but it is for loans delivered to Fannie […]