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11 Tips for a Hassle-Free Move to Charlottesville

Coordinating a move to a new home is never easy. Moving with horses can be trickier. The best way to ensure you and your horse’s move is efficient and hassle-free is to start planning for your move as soon as you can. To help you avoid any headaches down the road, we’ve compiled a list of the essential tips for moving to Charlottesville with your horse.

people packing up moving boxesBefore You Move to Charlottesville

  • Make sure your trailer is road ready. Ensure your horse trailer is in the best condition to travel to Charlottesville. Make sure it’s clean and in the best repair.
  • Locate a veterinarian near your new home. Ask your current veterinarian to connect you with a doctor and an emergency hospital in Charlottesville. We can always provide recommendations, too. Just ask us.
  • Gather up all your horse’s veterinary documents. This includes a current negative Coggins test, vaccination records, examinations, and any medications. Put all these documents in the same place (and in easy reach) along with phone numbers for your veterinarian, farrier, and current emergency contacts.
  • As you pack your barn, label all the boxes. Keep these boxes separate from your household items so that there’s no chance of a mix-up when you arrive at your new home in Charlottesville.
  • Leave yourself enough time to pack. It always takes much longer than you think, so allow yourself plenty of time to clear out your home as well as your barn.

On Moving Day

  • Have plenty of food and any medications handy. The amount of feed that you keep with you should be enough to last the duration of the move and then some. In addition, keep a few weeks’ worth of grain and hay in an easy-to-reach place so that you can move it immediately into the barn. That way, you won’t have to worry about digging through all those boxes to find what you need.
  • Wrap your horse’s legs. This will keep your horse as safe and secure as possible while you’re on the road.
  • Make frequent stops. When you’re driving for long periods of time, the trip can put a lot of stress on your horse. Stop frequently to check on your horse, refill its water, and let it stretch its legs. Don’t forget to enjoy the scenery and fresh air, too!

horses resting near a fenceAfter You Arrive in Charlottesville

  • Unpack the essentials first. Don’t worry about tackling the entire pile of moving boxes in one day. Focus on the boxes that should be unpacked first, like the ones containing your horse’s food and medication, tack, first aid, and medical records.
  • Note any hazards around your new property. Check your property to see if there are any loose boards in the fence, holes in the ground, or other hidden hazards that you want your horse to avoid. If there are any issues, make sure to tackle them within a day or two after you arrive at your new home.
  • Give yourselves time to unwind. Take a few minutes to adjust to your new surroundings. If the day is nice, enjoy a leisurely ride with your horse while you both relax from the ride and get to know your home in Charlottesville.

We’ll Find the Right Home for You and Your Horse

Finding the right home isn’t just about locating a property with equestrian amenities or a home with acreage. As Charlottesville experts and real estate professionals, we can connect you with recommended veterinarians and feed stores near your new property, help you find boarding facilities if you need them, and assist with all the details of your home purchase.

Still looking for the perfect home for you and your horse? Let’s talk! Call us at (434) 296-9860.