What Others Say About Charlottesville

As a Charlottesville Realtor, I find the comments and statements of outsiders visiting the Charlottesville area fascinating. By now many of you may have already read what NY Times Travel Blogger Joshua Kurlantzic wrote in his post about his “36 Hours in Charlottesville, VA” on 10-26-08. If you haven’t, I believe it to be an even-handed view of Charlottesville. In it he calls to his readers attention those local Charlottesville landmarks, attractions, and outstanding local eateries we all tend to take for granted. When you live in the shadows of such natural beauty and history, one tends to loose sight of its significance and grandeur.

A Traveler Writer’s Perspective of Charlottesville

Kurlantzich’s post reads like “The Best of Charlottesville” which is fitting for a travel writer. I personally believe his take is pretty spot on. The NY Times author does take the luxury road less traveled on occasion with his escape to the Charlottesville horse farms and estates area and his points about our Charlottesville music and vineyards. Once again he manages to come back home to the tried and true local landmarks of the UVA campus, and our stately, world-renown historical residences that are truly Charlottesville through and through.

Take it From an Outsider Looking In – Relocate to Charlottesville

Everyone knows Charlottesville real estate agents are big fans of the Charlottesville, VA area. It’s nice to hear an occasional outsider say the same things we’ve known all along!

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