Charlottesville Real Estate Named in Top Ten "Best" List

Back on March 19th, named Charlottesville in their “Best Small Metro Cities” list at 9th place just behind many equally desirable locations including sister Virginia city Blacksburg. In case you missed how they arrived at this conclusion, here is a recap of the metrics used:

Beautiful Charlottesville in the Fall

  1. Colleges
  2. Cost of Doing Business
  3. Cost Of Living
  4. Crime Rate
  5. Culture & Leisure
  6. Educational Attainment
  7. Income Growth
  8. Job Growth
  9. Net Migration
  10. Overall score: 9th place

The caption “America’s Best Small and Large Metro Cities was based on the cumulative “Business and Career climate” in the area.

Charlottesville Real Estate – Virginia’s Best Kept Secret?

Obviously being named to this illustrious list is a double-edged sword. It’s both gratifying and regrettable as these publications typically raise the overall awareness of and desire for the quality of life offered here in Charlottesville. Many native Charlottesville residents and newcomers alike want to maintain the “status quo” and continue to enjoy the quality lifestyle to which we have grown accustom. The good news is that in spite of years of growth and award winning attention as one of the best places in the country to live, Charlottesville continues to retain its small town character and charm. Families from across America, for obvious reasons, want to experience this quality of life here in Charlottesville. In today’s hyper-speed communication era, it’s difficult to “keep a lid” on what we enjoy here in Charlottesville and greater Albemarle County with such amazing communities as Ashcroft, Farmington, Glenmore, Wintergreen. That being said, expect Charlottesville real estate to continue to be attractive and growth to occur.

How About You?

What other Charlottesville area qualities would you put at the top of the list that makes this such a great place to live? Be the first to comment and tell the other readers why you moved to Charlottesville.

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