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Why We Ate Turkey for Thanksgiving

Because the media said so, that’s why.  Again it all started back with the Pilgrims in 1621 and some guy by the name of William Bradford wrote “History of Plymouth Plantation” and said that turkey was served.  By the way, he wrote that piece 22 or so years after the fact. Well, of course, turkey […]

Buying Downtown Charlottesville Real Estate

Why Live in Downtown Charlottesville? As I stated in my previous post, I told you where to find those desirable homegrown fresh vegetables in the downtown City Market. Many Charlottesville home buyers are actually looking toward downtown for all the right reasons. There are lots of things going on in downtown Charlottesville, from live arts […]

Fresh Veggies and Charlottesville Real Estate???

What Do They Have in Common? Often people relocating to Charlottesville, VA will call our office or contact The Chase Team from our Charlottesville real estate website. One of the first things they ask is; “tell us about the area.” They also inquire about Charlottesville area schools and ask about interesting things for their family […]