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The Top 5 Neighborhoods Charlottesville Home Buyers Want

There are many facets to selling a home in Charlottesville. The most important is the price — how much home buyers are willing to pay for your property. Everything from curb appeal to your home’s location in a neighborhood can affect your home’s value. Good news: Homes in these Charlottesville neighborhoods are the most searched by […]

Charlottesville Housing Recovery Starts Here

Were you denied a mortgage and/or put through the ringer as a potential borrower?  The drag on the housing recovery as a result of the uncertainty and insanity of current mortgage underwriting cannot be overstated.  If the current administration wanted to do one thing to jump start the housing recovery (and by extension the US […]

New UAD Format for Appraisals

Effective September 1, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are requiring all new appraisals to be subject to the new UAD format.  Government agencies certainly love using acronyms.  UAD stands for Uniform Appraisal Data which is an attempt to standardize appraisals so that the information in appraisals is more consistent across the board. Bathrooms will be […]

Lose Less Money Now, or More Money Later

Charlottesville Virginia real estate isn’t flying off the shelf the way it used to and neither are Albemarle County farms and estates or Wintergreen vacation and resort real estate. Many of the Albemarle homeowners with whom I work are in an enviable position of being able to hold on to their second home and/or investment […]